Keynote & Workshop

Inspire and Organize Greatness with
Roy Heintz

Your audience will leave not only feeling motivated and encouraged, but they will also have an actionable list of takeaways.
— Jonathan Potoschnik; CEO & Co-Founder; Service Autopilot

“Win In Business - Lead Like A Coach”

This keynote uses Roy’s principles from over three decades as a championship coach to equip leaders and businesses with winning tactics and strategies. From vision setting to recruiting top talent, to his unique system of employee goal setting, daily teaching, coaching, accountability and the innovative use of personal competitiveness to drive business success – Roy will help you become a more effective, impactful, and influential leader, while driving your business to higher levels of sales, efficiency, and productivity. His dynamic and entertaining style has left audiences raving, and his 30-60 minute speeches motivates crowds to take his tools for championship success back into their corporations and organizations.

“Creating A Championship Culture In Your Company”

This workshop teaches the lessons Roy learned as he developed a reputation as a game-changer in the college coaching world. Taking historically losing programs to first-time championship success in short time windows, Roy achieved this unprecedented championship coaching success at multiple levels, through building the strong foundation of a championship culture. He covers different game-changing strategies like the “Last 100 days” philosophy, team building, championship expectations and standards, dealing with outside and inside distractions, and tools for sustained excellence over time – both in the sports realm as well as what he is doing to influence, impact and change the culture in his company now.

“Creating A Culture Of Excellence By Chasing Greatness”

Roy believes that there is greatness that lies within each of us, and this keynote speech helps his audience use his three-step process to achieve personal and professional greatness in the individual’s life, while equipping leaders to achieve the same level of greatness in the life of their company, organization or team. This empowering talk has resulted in audience members boldly experiencing new levels of greatness in their lives and careers, and companies radically reaching new levels of excellence in service and sales!

“The Winning Lineup: Organizational Development”

Jim Collins’ classic book “Good to Great” taught us that it is critical to have the right people on the bus, and in the right seats. Roy helps corporations and organizations assess and identify proper key positioning of personnel coupled with a structure that can provide the foundation for unprecedented business success. His work in organizational development in business, athletics, and in Board development has helped corporations, organizations, and educational institutions develop a winning plan for sustained success over long periods of time.