Roy Speaks

Equipping Leaders To Greater Success By Leading Like A Coach

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“Equipping Leaders To Greater Success By Leading Like A Coach”

Roy Heintz is a professional speaker that has been impacting crowds all over the world for over 30 years. His dynamic and entertaining style has made him a much sought after speaker for leaders, corporations, teams and organizations. He has been synonymous with “Championship Success” as a business leader, basketball coach, television analyst, and professional speaker, and his influence across diverse audiences has been evident worldwide.


How would your company be different if…

  • Improved Performance Through A Team Approach

  • Strong Staff Development Through A Championship Coaching Plan

  • Greater Productivity And Efficiency Through Scorecard Approach

  • Greater Influence, Impact, And Retention In Leading Millenials

  • Deeper Trust And Unity Through Communication And Accountability





Your audience will leave not only feeling motivated and encouraged, but they will also have an actionable list of takeaways.
— Jonathan Potoschnik; CEO & Co-Founder; Service Autopilot